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Rondo Borincano
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 20143
Price: $4.55

Octaves: 5 octaves bells with optional chimes or 2 choirs of bells
Composer: Timothy H. Waugh
AGEHR Level: II or Level III+
Description: This piece represents a unique and interesting handbell opportunity in published pieces. As a festival piece, it can be played by two separate groups of differing abilities. As a selection for your choir at home, this piece represents a unique teaching opportunity to encourage your group to take the next step up in ringing.

Begin by working on the top system (Level II) at a slower tempo (Moderato/Quarter note = 85). It is possible to accomplish an excellent performance by playing only the top score and omitting the Cadenza.

As rehearsals progress, portions and sections from the bottom system (Level III+) may be added. The optimum tempo for performance as a Level III+ composition would be Allegro/Quarter note = 110.

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